Commercial Loans | Trucks, Trailers and Equipment

“Can You Send Me Some Information?”

We get this question a lot, “Can you send me some information?”

Champion Equipment Finance is a commercial lending group and consultancy that helps business owners acquire:

  • Trucks and trailers in the transportation industry
  • Equipment in the construction industry
  • Machinery in manufacturing
  • Printing presses for publishers and printers
  • Medical devices and instruments for doctors and dentists
  • Any vehicle or equipment for businesses such as electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, arborists, pest control, telecommunications and more
  • Storefront signage for all businesses or any type of equipment at all – as long as it doesn’t fly or float

The commercial loan approval process isn’t complicated, but certain criteria is important such as credit rating, time in business (TIB), home ownership status and the age of the item you’re acquiring. Once we learn more about your situation then we will find the ideal lender for you – every one of our commercial loans are custom and tailored for the client.

This is Our Typical Customer Profile and Ideal Client (we hope this is you!):

  1. Time in business (TIB) is at least two years
  2. Homeowner, land owner or both
  3. 650-plus credit bureau rating, if you don’t know your credit scores then create a Credit Karma account
  4. Most of our clients buy equipment that is 2015 or newer, but we can secure financing for older equipment

11 Reasons Why Our Clients Like Working With Us:

  1. We lean on our vast network of lenders to find the best rates and terms for you and your business.
  2. We work on commercial loans everyday which is why we’re able to get rates and terms you cannot.
  3. Traditional lenders don’t like commercial small ticket businesses (especially trucking and construction), we do and it’s our specialty.
  4. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule, can meet anytime and always answer the phone – even nights and weekends.
  5. We’re big on education, we’re business growth consultants and we help our clients weaponize credit markets
  6. Banks will ask you for every document known to man. Not us, we can do a $150,000 loan with an application and your last three bank statements
  7. We can find lenders for a startup or someone with a bankruptcy
  8. Banks like to cross collateralize other assets such as savings, CDs or retirements if you take loans out with them, we don’t!
  9. We know equipment and can help steer you in the right direction, and if you don’t know where to start or can’t find what you’re looking for, we can help!
  10. We’re bilingual!
  11. Traditional lenders don’t like to finance older equipment, we do! (We’re currently working a deal on a 2005 truck)

We can get you preapproved with your last three bank statements. Click below and let’s get started!

PS: These two videos are good introductions to Champion Equipment Finance, if you’re considering doing business with us – take a look.