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A Few Things About Commercial Lending that Most Don’t Know

Truth be told, most of our new clients don’t know much about commercial lending when they land on our door step. Commercial lending is much different from personal auto loans at a car dealership or mortgage loans on a house. Our repeat customers understand the differences, but it takes time and some of them don’t truly get it till they’ve experienced a few successful loans. Personal credit and business credit are different, and it’s these differences are why we’re able to get approvals with an application and three bank statements.

Our purpose, and the reason Champion Equipment Finance exists is to fill a void left in the market by traditional banks. We’re here because most traditional banks don’t like commercial loans for the trucking, transportation, construction, towing and manufacturing industries. The usual suspects, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, etc. don’t typically lend to blue collar and hard hat industries. They prefer to lend to doctors, lawyers and other white-collar businesses.

Most of the lenders we work with do not advertise and are hard to find, even on Google

Champion Equipment Finance works with smaller, specialty banks that most folks have never heard of. These hard to find (even on Google) financial institutions specialize in industries the big banks avoid. And because we work in this space daily – we know the upper crust.

We’ve worked hard to find the top commercial equipment lenders which is half the battle. Through the years we’ve been able to establish relationships with these lenders and lean on them to get our clients the best rates and terms. And because this is all we do – we’re able to get terms our clients cannot. We work at the speed of our customers, we’re happy to accommodate their schedule, can meet anytime and always answer the phone – even nights and weekends.

Loans are an anomaly because everyone needs them, but few understand how the industry works. We lobby for borrowers and are here to help our clients navigate an otherwise complicated web.

Most industries profit from trade secrets, but our deals are on paper in black and white. Perhaps we’re old fashioned, but we earn from our expertise, efficiency, relationships and our ability to help our clients achieve their business goals.