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Our Most Successful Clients All Have This In Common

Speed is a strategy and we’re not talking about a reckless, hell on wheels variety. The speed is a strategy style we’re talking about is straightforward, strategic and smart. Our most successful clients are quick to give us a “yes” or “no”, and don’t waste time in no man’s land with “maybes”. Our most successful clients operate with a sense of direction and make quick, confident decisions—whether it’s yes or no.

On occasion, we have clients that mull about a decision for days and ultimately do not do or say anything at all. They stop answering the phone as if we’re a collections agency and while we hope to hear a “yes”, we respect a “no”. It’s okay to say “no” and understand that several factors go into a decision whether it’s timing, life events and emergencies.

There are parallels in sports and decision making, and confidence is essential to both. The best rounds of golf are those with a take dead aim attitude, void of pause and trepidation. Success is a result of several good, confident decisions while failure is infested with doubt and hesitation. Good golfers stand over the ball with confidence, visualize a positive outcome and swing the club with conviction.

The adage about how “failing fast” is essential to success might be the greatest truth in business. After all, it is possible to veer for caution and be accepting of mistakes—at the same time. Create a game plan, be disciplined and set goals and a deadline. Decision making is like all other facets in business—it is a learned skill and there’s likely room for improvement.