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This Week at Champion Episode No. 4

Every Friday we recap the week! Who, what, when and where in the world of commercial lending, and some fun too!

This week’s top story, Is the Freight Industry Rebounding?

We also check in with our intern team, so check the Intern Report – big thanks to Mark Teague and Lauren Requarth.

Also, check out our other weekly show, 22 Questions,” and a big thanks to Hunter Jarvis, from Legacy Home Buyers:

Watch the full episode Here:   22 Questions with…  

To close it out, it’s everyone’s favorite, the Weekend Sports Report, we’re talking Wimbledon, Vincent Norrman, the PGA Tour’s Two Events this Weekend and Anthony Remembers Scotland.

Lastly, it’s the Local Foodie Focus Pick of the Week, and it’s a Texas BBQ spot just a stone throw from the office:

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