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Our mission is to help business owners leverage credit markets to get the equipment they need to push profits. We understand that speed and simplicity are important to business owners and that’s a reason why our clients like our application process. The application will take you less than two minutes to complete – let’s get started. 


We Move at the Speed of Our Clients

We can customize a commercial loan to fit your needs and goals. Whether you prefer higher payments with shorter terms or low payments, we can shape the terms to meet your requirements. Let’s discuss your situation and build a loan that works for you and your business.


Our approach to commercial lending involves educating our clients throughout the process. With professional relationships with over 30 banks, we do the hard work to find the best loan options for you. The right terms not only make repayment easier but also leave room in your budget for future purchases.


Our team is available seven days a week, including nights and weekends, to accommodate our clients’ needs. With over 100 years of combined commercial lending experience, we have the expertise to provide the best possible deals and answer any questions our customers may have.


Our lending services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and their business. We recognize that obtaining a loan from a bank for commercial equipment can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Unlike other lenders, we have specialists on our team who understand this type of equipment and can provide you with a hassle-free loan process.


If You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Champion Equipment Finance has spent years developing professional relationships with more than 30 banks. These connections allow us to do the hard work for you and find the best possible choices based on your unique needs.

Having options is important in determining the terms you’ll receive for your loan. Not only will the right terms make it much easier to pay back what you owe, but it could also leave some financing left in your budget for other important purchases in the future.


What Our Customers Are Saying

M. StaggsThe old adage about 90%
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The old adage about 90% of life is showing up is true and that’s the thing I like most about Champion Equipment Finance. I can get them on the phone any day of the week if I’m trying to add a machine to my business. I like to work with folks that can adapt to my schedule, not the other way around and Champion is easy to find.
J. PinoThe first time I applied
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The first time I applied for financing I was declined, but what happened next is something that I’m forever grateful for. Champion put together a plan for me, I was disciplined, I followed the plan and it has impacted my business more than anything else. I learned how to work the credit system to my advantage and that’s been the one thing that has accelerated my business the most.
F. ContrerasChampion Equipment Finance has always
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Champion Equipment Finance has always been upfront and honest with me, and they’ve been good about pointing me in the right direction. It’s good to do business with folks that care about doing the right deal more than doing a deal right now.
S. FrazerI thought that when you
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I thought that when you needed a loan that you should just go to your bank, but I got tired of waiting on phone calls and I don’t work banker’s hours so that didn’t work for me either. Since switching to Champion, I’ve been able to get better rates and the process has been a lot easier